Best Nesco Induction Cook Top

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  • Best Nesco Induction Cook Top
  • Best Nesco Induction Cook Top
  • Best Nesco Induction Cook Top
  • Best Nesco Induction Cook Top
  • Best Nesco Induction Cook Top
  • Best Nesco Induction Cook Top

Nowadays, there are so many products of nesco induction cook top in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. You have searched for nesco induction cook top in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them.

You are in RIGHT PLACE.

Here are some of best sellings nesco induction cook top which we would like to recommend with high customer review ratings to guide you on quality & popularity of each items.

Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop, 1500-watt

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Portable Induction Cooktop, 1500 watt

PIC-14 Induction Cooktop

Cooktop Stays Cool

This Nesco Induction Cooktop provides the best in cooktop performance. Uses less energy and provides practically instant heat and since there are no open flames or hot coils, is safer to use than conventional burners. It allows for instant control of cooking energy for precise cooking control.

Induction cooktops are designed to be used with ferromagnetic material like Cast Iron, Steel, Enameled Cast Iron, Enameled Steel or Stainless Steel. If a magnet sticks to your cookware, it will work on an induction cooktop. When a ferromagnetic cookware is placed on the ceramic surface, currents are induced in the cookware and instant heat is generated due to the resistance of the pan. The magnetic properties of the steel in the cookware will concentrate the induced current and generate heat. Once cookware is removed, all molecular activity ceases. Heat is generated at the cookware only so the cooktop stays cool. Will not work with Aluminum, Copper or Glass cookware.

PIC-14 Induction Cooktop

Easy to Clean, No More Burned on Spills


  • 1500 Watts
  • Safer for families, small children, handicapped and the elderly
  • Use where hotplates would be dangerous or not allowed
  • Rapid Heating
  • Noiseless, except quiet fan
  • Energy efficient (84%)
  • RV’s � Camping – Patio

Detailed Highlights:

Instant Temperature Adjustments:

5 touch controls; melt/warm, simmer, boil, fry and sear.

Durable Ceramic Glass Top:

Easy to clean and no more burned on spills.

Greater Heat Consistency:

Heat is generated at the cookware only so the cook-top stays cool.

Comes With Test Magnet for Ferrous Metal Cookware:

Cook-top designed to be used with ferromagnetic material like Cast Iron, Steel, Enameled Cast Iron, Enameled Steel or Stainless Steel. Test cookware you already own or take the magnet to the store with you to buy new cookware.

PIC-14 Induction Cooktop

We purposely only put five settings on our induction cooktop because we wanted to make it easy and simple to use.

Our induction cooktop has been used by quite a few people, including professional chefs and a culinary school and has received rave reviews from all. Everyone loves the five settings and the simplicity of the unit and the superior performance.

Trouble Shooting Steps:

E0 – Circuit error occurred within the appliance. Allow to cool, then unplug from electrical outlet. Repeat cooking mode as desired.

E1 – No cookware present, unsuitable type or diameter is too small (less than 3.15 inches.).

E2 – Internal appliance overheat. Appliance will automatically turn off. Allow to cool and unplug from electrical outlet. Check that vents are clear of obstructions.

E3 – Input voltage is greater than 140 V.a.c.

E4 – Input voltage is less than 95 V.a.c.

E5 – Main sensor detects disconnection or short circuit. Do not attempt to repair, contact the manufacturer for further information.

E6 – Heating Zone temperature has overheated. Appliance will automatically turn off. After cooling fan has turned off, unplug from electrical outlet, remove cookware and allow to cool.

PIC-14 Induction Cooktop

Greater Heat Consistency

About Induction:

This form of flameless cooking has certain advantages over conventional gas flame and electric cookers, as it provides rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency, and greater heat consistency, yet with precise control similar to gas. In situations in which a hotplate would typically be dangerous or illegal, an induction plate is ideal, as it creates no heat itself.

The high efficiency of power transfer into the cooking vessel makes heating food faster on an induction cooking surface than on other electric cooking surfaces. Because of the high efficiency, an induction element has heating performance comparable to a typical consumer-type gas element, even though the gas burner would have a much higher power input.

Induction cookers are safer to use than conventional cookers because there are no open flames. The surface below the cooking vessel is no hotter than the vessel; only the pan generates heat. The control system shuts down the element if a pot is not present or not large enough. Induction cookers are easy to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth. And because the cooking surface is not directly heated; spilled food does not burn on the surface.

Since heat is being generated by an induced electric current, the unit can detect whether cookware is present by monitoring how much power is being absorbed. That allows functions such as keeping a pot at minimal boil when cookware is removed. This unit will beep until the turned off.

Because the cook top is shallow compared to a gas-fired or electrical coil cooking surface, wheelchair access can be improved; the user’s legs can be below the counter height and the user’s arms can reach over the top.

Going “Green”? Induction is the way to go:

Induction cooktops transfer energy from the cooktop to the pan more efficiently than any other cooktop technology. Induction cooking is the latest, greenest technology. Below is a Energy Factor comparison indicating Gas around .40, electric around .70 and induction .84. Note the higher the number the better the energy factor.

PIC-14 Induction Cooktop

So what do we take away from all of this? Looking at the energy factor induction has the highest (best) score of 0.84 – almost 20% better than any other electric cooktop and twice the score of the nearest gas option.

Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop, 1500-watt by Nesco

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Five Power Settings
Area Around Pan Stays Cool To The Touch
84% Energy Efficient
Greater Heat Consistency
Includes Magnet To Test Cookware
Portable Induction Cooktop; 1500 Watt
Cooktop Stays Cool
This Nesco Induction Cooktop Provides The Best In Cooktop Performance. Uses Less Energy And Provides Practically Instant Heat And Since There Are No Open Flames Or Hot Coils; Is Safer To Use Than Conventional Burners. It Allows For Instant Control of Cooking Energy For Precise Cooking Control.
Induction Cooktops Are Designed To Be Used With Ferromagnetic Material Like Cast Iron; Steel; Enameled Cast Iron; Enameled Steel Or Stainless Steel. If A Magnet Sticks To Your Cookware; It Will Work On An Induction Cooktop. When A Ferromagnetic Cookware Is Placed On The Ceramic Surface; Currents Are Induced In The Cookware And Instant Heat Is Generated Due To The Resistance of The Pan. The Magnetic Properties of The Steel In The Cookware Will Concentrate The Induced Current And Generate Heat. Once Cookware Is Removed; All Molecular Activity Ceases. Heat Is Generated At The Cookware Only So The Cooktop Stays Cool. Will Not Work With Aluminum; Copper Or Glass Cookware.

Nesco SB-01 Stainless Steel Electric Burner, 1500-watt, Silver

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Size:1500-watt |  Color:Silver

The Nesco SB-01 Electric Burner is great for simmering, boiling, frying or sautéing for preparing meals when camping, boating or to use in college dorms! The electric burner has a high quality cast iron plate, 7.4-Inch in diameter. The burner can be used with all flat bottom cookware, including metal, glass, ceramic, woks and teakettles. The unit features stainless steel housing, automatic safety shut-off and thermostat control knob with pilot light. The thermal fuse helps protect from overheating. 1500 Watts.

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The Double Induction Cooktop offers the ultimate in cooking flexibility, adding two induction burners to any kitchen, or any place without a kitchen! Induction technology offers an exceptional cooking experience, with instant heat-up and consistent, precise heat throughout cooking. Each burner has its own heat setting control, 150-minute timer and On/Off switch. The smooth glass surface looks sleek and wipes clean. It’s ideal for entertaining and holidays when cooking for a crowd. And its compact and portable size makes it ideal for small spaces without a kitchen, such as dorm rooms, boats, patios or RVs. This is a versatile and powerful tool that’s a great addition to any kitchen – big or small! Refer instruction manual before use. Features: Induction technology for fastest heat-up|Uses up to 70% less energy than conventional cooktops|Bright LED displays|Left burner: on/off 8 heat settings 150-minute timer|Right burner: on/off 5 heat settings 150-minute timer|Heat shuts off automatically 30 seconds after pan is lifted off|Safe exhaust-free and flame-free cooking|Even heating – no hot spots|Must use with induction-ready cookware*|Limited Five Year Motor Warranty *Cast Iron 18/0 stainless steel

Portable Induction Cooktop, iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop with Kids Safety Lock, Countertop Burner with Timer and 8 Temperature Settings, Suitable for Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Cookware

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020


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